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About Us

Schaumberg Consulting is based in Oshkosh Wisconsin and our consultants have been helping businesses throughout the Fox River Valley and the State of Wisconsin improve their businesses through better use of processes and optimizing their systems. We focus on the business requirements and believe that 90% of the solution is understanding the problem. Only after we fully understand the problem can we begin to offer solutions.


We have:

 Over 30 years of Information Technology Experience

 Over 28 years of experience implementing and customizing the JD Edwards Suite of Software products.

 World Software We have provided implementation assistance, custom configuration, and software modifications to various JD Edwards World Software releases

 Enterprise One (OneWorld) software We have worked with the EnterpriseOne Software since the beginning.

 We have helped many clients implement various JD Edwards releases and have developed several techniques to help these clients get the most out of the software. We understand the entire software suite which helps to make sure that all of the functional areas of your business are working together.

We are:

 Skilled in the EnterpriseOne Tool set.

 Involved in OneWorld and EnterpriseOne implementations using the B73.2, XE, 8.0, 8.9, 8.10, 8.11, 8.12, 9.1 and 9.2 releases.

 OneWorld and now EnterpriseOne Development for over 20 years. We can build custom UBEs, Applications and Business Functions to meet your business needs. All customizations and enhancements are built with future upgrades in mind. We understand and follow the Oracle Recommendations for best practices for software enhancements.

 Skilled with World Software.

 Have been working with World Software since 1992.

 Performed many enhancements to the World Software suite including sub-file maintenance programs.

 Created many custom reports to meet customized business needs.

 Skilled with SQL - We can extract your data for custom reporting or with your approvals use SQL to update your data or restore integrity to your database. We understand the data relationships of the World and EnterpriseOne Databases and ensure that any updates that are performed restore integrity to your system.

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